Wednesday, August 02, 2006


A while back I was sitting around a hotel pool in Scottsdale drinking Heinekens with my sister-in-law from LA. This is one of my favorite things in the world to do and at the end of the day I had a 'gossip burn' on half my face from turning my head toward her for so long.

Anyway, she was busy telling me all about a wild Hollywood party that she and my brother (her husband) had attended the week before."Paul was taking pictures and when we got them developed he had one of this girl who was twirling on the dance floor and her skirt was completely up."

"You mean you could see her underwear?" I exclaim. Those things never happen at parties I go to. Hollywood is so exciting.

"No, I mean she wasn't wearing underwear," Lisa says.

"Wow, that must have been embarassing."

"And," Lisa says, leaning in for dramatic effect, "She was completely shaved."

"Well of course she was shaved, she was wearing a skirt," I say. I mean I may be provincial but even I know you have to shave your legs when you go to a party.

"No, she was shaved --down there," Lisa says with a sly grin. She loves to shock me. It worked.

"WHAT!" I mean I know those sluts in "Sex in the City" do that and Victoria Secret models, and probably Angelina Jolie does but real people?

"I tried it," Lisa says, gulping her beer and waiting to see my reaction.

"You mean you waxed?" I couldn't be more shocked than if she told me she had made out with George Clooney.

"No, that hurts too much, I just shaved."

"Well, don't you have to cut it with scissors or something first?"

Here my brother chimed in.

"She started with the weed whacker, moved on to the lawn mower, then scissors, then finished up with a razor."

Well. I couldn't wait to get home and share this revelation with my coffee girls. They are 10 years younger than me and know all about the latest trend but I was sure they'd be surprised by this.

"Oh, lots of people do that," Coffee Friend 1 said.

"People you know?" I said."Oh yeah. Most people. I do before I give birth," Coffee Friend 2 who was pregnant with baby 4 said. "I like to tidy up for the doctor as a sort of courtesy."

Uh, oh. Someone owes her gynie a fruit basket.

"You mean they wax it ALL off?"

"No, they usually leave the 'landing strip'," Coffee Friend 1 said.

I mulled this all over for some time. I finally decided I wanted to give it a try. I thought it would make a good anniversary gift for my husband. We were going to be celebrating our 21st and I really didn't know what to get him. You know, 20th is china so the 21st must be, well you fill in a joke here.

Waxing was out of the question as it involved too much pain. So, on the morning of our anniversary I went into the shower armed with a pair of scissors and a new razor. After 20 minutes I still could not see skin. Another 10 minutes and my mission was accomplished.

I revealed my gift to Jeff later that night.In the interest of protecting a tiny bit of our privacy I won't say much more than that but he did like it. And he did comment that it looked very friendly and not angry any more.

I decided to keep my new look. It turns out that much like other personal grooming issues once the intitial work is done there isn't a whole lot to do to maintain it.In short, I would recommend this to my friends. It's free, it's easy, and it's legal.So fire up the weed-whacker ladies, this trend isn't just for LA anymore.

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