Monday, November 05, 2007


Jeff Ludwig and Daniel Craig. Separated at birth?

When I was little my mother had a crush on Hal Linden. This was funny to us all, not only because mothers aren't supposed to have crushes, but because Hal Linden looks a great deal like my father.

Since that time, I've noticed that most married people have a crush on a famous person and that very often that person resembles their spouse. Or rather, the spouse resembles the famous person.

I suspsect this is another measure of a good marriage. For example, if you were married to a dumpy white man and found Lenny Kravitz to be the hottest thing you've ever seen that doesn't bode well for the pasty spouse.

Now of course, in the vast majority of these crushes, the spouse is not quite as beautiful as the celebrity because, let's face it, normal people are just not as pretty as celebs. But they do indeed resemble the person.

Our neighbor when I was growing up, Mrs. Stabenau, used to say her husband reminded her of Paul Newman. Well, he did resemble a celeb, but not Paul Newman. More like Jonathan Winters.

My current spouse-crush is Daniel Craig. As you can see by the photos above, my husband does indeed resemble him. I mean, they could be twins!

So, who is your spouse-crush? Does your spouse have a spouse-crush too? This is excellent cocktail-party material. Feel free to use it but I'd like a mention if you do.


  1. Because we all change as we age, Hal Linden has morphed into the handsome and older Sean Connery. I am sure you can see the resemblence.
    Love, Mom

  2. I wonder if Mom has a crush on Sean Connery? Because that's who I think Dad has been looking more and more like the last 10 or 15 years. At least, the current Sean Connery. I mean, Sean Connery doesn't look like Sean Connery anymore. Well, you know what I mean. Hal Linden still has a full set of wavey hair. Like Dad used to. Or maybe not. What was the topic again?

  3. Since I don't have a spouse I limit myself to having crushes on celebs only, it's so much less complicated.
    My mother used to like Tom Selleck and indeed thought he resembled my father a bit. My brother and I didn't think so (we always thought my father resembled Buster Keaton quite a bit).

  4. Hey Judy! Can you find any resemblance between Pete and George Clooney??????