Monday, April 13, 2009


So I can blog about going to see Barack Obama on election night and I can write about my daughter's fight with childhood cancer and I can post essays on raising kids and the blogosphere does not notice. Not a yawn. Just my faithful handful of readers giving me kind feedback.

But then I go and write about David Cassidy and NOW the world takes notice!??!!

Who knew?

I do want to say this about that. Those David Cassidy fans are very nice people. Though I dissed their most beloved performer the meanest thing they said about me was "she must not love him as much as we do" Which is true. I am sure there are fan sites for other performers where I would have been roasted and had my life threatened but not Mr. Cassidy's fans.

So to all the fans who wrote and disagreed with me, let me say one nice thing about him: he has the kindest and most loyal fans a guy could have.

I'm just not sure he deserves you.


  1. I am a David Cassidy fan. I'm not a rabid one, but I like him. Two things: 1. Much of what you see onstage is schtick. He does the same thing every time. 2. His fans know this. 3. No one is as big a fan of anything as some of these ladies. Cassidy has a sarcastic sense of humor that goes wrong sometimes. Many of these ladies, including myself, have met him and he is very gracious. The stage persona appeals to some and not to others. Your opinion is shared by others. He deserves his fans because he gives them what they want. It may not be everyone's "thing" but they like it. I just don't take it seriously.

  2. The amount of reactions on an article doesn't always say something about the quality or value of it. Some subjects lend themselves better for reacting on it than others.
    I agree with you, by the way. It is not often that one doesn't get virtually burnt at the stake when being critical about an artist many other people love. David's fans truely are civilized people.

  3. Wow,Judy,you really did hit the motherload on comments to your column. How about one on Bobby Sherman? He was the other teenybopper idol. If not him what about Donny Osmond?
    Ann C.